Harpe's Body Shop and Jerry Harpe's Cars LLC, 978 and 976 Chesterfield Highway: November 2022 (moved)

Though they share the same lot, Harpe's (or Harpe) Body Shop and Jerry Harpe's Cars LLC appear to have been separate businesses. Both do at least have separate phone numbers and street addresses. Both are also, as of November of last year, closed. It is my understanding that the owner of this lot and the owner of the adjacent two lots, used by Harpe Family Automotive, are going to sell or have already sold their property; however, the Chesterfield County GIS website shows no change of ownership for either lot as of today.

Depending on whom you ask, there has been a good deal of speculation as to what business will go here next, ranging from another car wash (like the one in front of the Walmart that is in a perpetual state of "coming soon") to a Starbucks. If you ask me, I would say a car wash is the far more likely outcome of the two, but who am I to prevent those who dream of a Seattle-based coffee chain setting up shop in our rural town?

UPDATE 4/25/23: While on the way to Chesterfield this past week, I noticed that Jerry Harpe's Cars LLC is in a new location, which appears to be the owner's house, on Highway 9 about a mile before you get to Thompson Creek. I have corrected the heading of this post to show that this business has moved, not closed.