Hong Kong Kitchen, 841 Chesterfield Highway: 2000s (2020/03/22)

To the right of Pro Nails at Chesterfield Commons was a Chinese restaurant called Hong Kong Kitchen. I have not been able to figure out when Hong Kong Kitchen closed, but I am sure it was still in business when I graduated high school. Since that is my last frame of reference for when Hong Kong Kitchen was open, I will list the closing date as being sometime in the 2000s.

Looking into the windows of the former restaurant, it looks like Hong Kong Kitchen could have been open just yesterday. The tables and chairs and pictures of menu items remain in place. This unit at Chesterfield Commons doesn't look to be in bad shape at all.

For a while, I remember Hong Kong Kitchen being the only Chinese restaurant in Cheraw. Since then, Cheraw has gotten China King and China Town Buffet. I have only eaten at China King, which I highly recommend.

Pro Nails, 839 Chesterfield Highway: January 2020 (2020/03/15)

Pro Nails was a nail salon that was adjacent to the Food Lion at Chesterfield Commons. It appears to have been one of the last tenants that leased space at Chesterfield Commons. According to this Facebook page for Pro Nails, the salon was still in business through the end of last year, for someone had checked in there on Facebook back in December; therefore, I'll state the closing as being January of 2020.

If Pro Nails is still open, then it needs more than a bit of cleanup. The floor in the store is covered with old fast food boxes and cups. Walking around the back of this store, I saw that the door was open. It seems that someone has been squatting in the store since Pro Nails closed. Of all the units in this shopping center, this one that was used by Pro Nails would be the least salvageable if anybody else wanted to set up operation at Chesterfield Commons.

Shoe Show (relocated), 831 Chesterfield Highway: 2010 (2020/03/08)

Again, I'm pretty sure I have the storefront order right from years ago at Chesterfield Commons: Finklea's Movies just to the right of the old Walmart, then the old Shoe Show, and then Food Lion; please feel free to correct me, of course. In my posting about the old Walmart at Chesterfield Commons, I had stated that the old Walmart had closed by February of 2010; therefore, it is likely that the Cheraw Shoe Show store relocated the same year to the new shopping center next to the Walmart Supercenter. I'll just say 2010 for this posting, and I'm not sure if anything else has occupied this location after Shoe Show moved.

The store at Chesterfield Commons was actually the second location (or first relocation) of the Cheraw Shoe Show. Before then, Shoe Show was at the shopping center next to Windsor Drive where the original Cheraw BI-LO and Family Dollar used to be. That location is now occupied by the Country Kitchen restaurant. Before that, the Praise and Faith Gospel Shop was there, which still had the old Shoe Show look with the two red, opposing chevrons laying on their sides on the opposite ends of the store front. I also recall the old Shoe Show location near the Belk in Rockingham having the same style of store front years ago.

Our shoe shopping options in Cheraw really haven't changed much over the years, except for losing Moore's/Peebles/Goody's as an option a few years ago. Unless there is some small store downtown that I am unaware of, that pretty much leaves only Shoe Show and Walmart as options, although I suppose Cato's carries shoes for the ladies. Of course, there's always online shopping.