Hilltop Night Club, 10481 Highway 1, Patrick: mid-2000s (2020/05/18)

Hilltop Night Club is easy to miss when driving between Cheraw and Patrick, for it sits a ways back from the highway. The former night club is located just outside of Patrick and, true to its name, on top of a hill. Being that there is little information about Hilltop Night Club that I can find online, it is hard to say what type of night club it was, but I am sure it offered dancing, drinking, and pool; I definitely feel certain about the last because of the broken cue stick I saw lying on the ground by the entrance. Due to the significant overgrowth that I see on the property and the lack of a Facebook page, my guess is that Hilltop Night Club was closed by the mid-2000s, as Facebook had not yet taken off outside of colleges, and it seems that every business has established a presence on Facebook within the last decade.

Carter Jewelers (relocated), Chesterfield Commons: 2010 (2020/05/06)

I am going to say that Carter Jewelers moved from Chesterfield Commons to the new Walmart shopping center in 2010, the same time that I am thinking that Shoe Show moved. At Chesterfield Commons, Carter Jewelers occupied the unit that was catty-cornered to Hong Kong Kitchen. Never having been someone who has worn anymore jewelry than a wedding band and a watch (rarely these days when I can get the time off my cell phone), except for the short period as an adolescent when I wore a cross necklace, and since my wife doesn't wear much jewelry either, I can probably count on one hand the number of times I have visited a jewelry store. In fact, I recall going into the old Carter Jewelers location once or twice in the early 2000s to have my watch battery replaced. They did a good enough job with that, and I'm sure had I not left Cheraw at the time, they would have continued getting my (minor) business. I do have a college ring that needs to be resized so perhaps I'll give them another visit in the near future.

Peoples Finance, 855 Chesterfield Highway: 2010s (2020/04/29)

Peoples Finance was a payday loan business located at Chesterfield Commons in between the old Sub Station II and Little Caesars Pizza. Searching for "payday loans cheraw" in Google shows ten or more of these businesses just in Cheraw. That seems like a lot to me, but apparently that particular kind of business does well here. Because this LoopNet listing for Chesterfield Commons from back in 2012 still shows the sign on the front of the business, I am assuming that Peoples Finance closed sometime after that.