Marlboro Park Hospital, 1138 Cheraw Street, Bennettsville: May 1, 2015 (2020/07/24)

Marlboro Park Hospital in Bennettsville has been closed since May 1 of 2015. Apparently, once McLeod Health had purchased Marlboro Park Hospital, a decision was made to close the hospital due to a low daily patient occupancy rate and the hospital operating at a significant financial deficit. All patients were moved to the former Chesterfield General Hospital, now McLeod Health Cheraw.

Even though the hospital has been closed for several years, McLeod Health appears to still be taking care of the grounds. Also, power is still actively supplied to the building, for I noticed that the lights were on and heard the air conditioning activate. Several signs on the grounds indicate that Marlboro Park Hospital is routinely patrolled by security staff. I never saw any security guard, and though the exchange might have been a bit awkward ("What are you doing here?", "Um...I have a website..."), I would have welcomed it; a lit-up hospital with no patients, doctors, nurses, etc., is a bit spooky to me.

Walgreens #10595, 1146 Cheraw Street, Bennettsville: 2019 (2020/07/16)

The Walgreens in Bennettsville seems to have been one of the 200 Walgreens stores that were closed nationwide back in 2019. Although I found several news articles online announcing the closing of the 200 Walgreens stores, a list of stores was apparently never provided by Walgreens. In other words, you wouldn't have known if your local Walgreens was one that was going to be closed until you walked up to the door one day to find a closed sign. A report of the closings was officially filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the other SEC) on August 6, 2019, which can be viewed here.

With the building appearing to be no older than 20 years, surely another pharmacy like a Rite Aid or a discount store like Dollar General will end up moving in. Maybe before then, someone will at least turn off the lights.

Another Place / The Round Table / The Lumberyard / Cheraw Moose Lodge No. 2404, 1064 Highways 1 and 52: March 2020 (2020/06/30)

It appears that the Cheraw Moose Lodge is no more. Back in March, while driving by, I happened to notice that the sign was gone, and within the last month or so, a for sale sign had been displayed, as seen in one of my pictures. When I drove by today, I saw that a church had moved into the building.

The Cheraw Moose Lodge chapter does not appear to be relocating. Although the main organization's website shows the Cheraw Moose Lodge, it also states, "No Chapter at this time." This would not have been the first time the Cheraw Moose Lodge had relocated, as I recall it being near the ice house years ago.

UPDATE: Per Susan's comment, I have added The Round Table restaurant and The Lumberyard nightclub to the title of this post.

UPDATE: Thanks to poster Billy Rollings for pointing out that this building used to be a nightclub called Another Place, which opened in 1973 and booked numerous bands and musicians, including Lynyrd Skynyrd, during its short existence.