Tires Plus / Roscoe's Small Engine Repair, 1100 Chesterfield Highway: 2022

Tires Plus on 1100 Chesterfield Highway was, for years, where my dad would take the cars to have their tires rotated or changed. I believe Tires Plus also worked on and may have sold lawn mowers. I vaguely recall what the original building looked like; I'm thinking the outside was painted blue? There was a small shop up front and a maintenance bay or two in the back. Except for the original building's foundation and the Michelin sign, everything went up in smoke after a fire in the 2000s.

For a while after the fire, Tires Plus operated at some capacity out of a trailer. Some time afterward, it began operating out of the tan and red-trimmed sheet metal building at the back of the property. Sadly, it appears that Tires Plus went out of business in 2018 when the owner, Ricky Griggs, passed away.

Roscoe's Small Engine Repair appears to have been the follow-on business at this location. Given the overgrowth of weeds on the property, it looks to be out-of-business, too.


By: Wibid (Sun Oct 23 14:39:17 EDT 2022)
Such great reminders of Cheraw businesses' history, the purpose services which were provided by and for town's people, families, friends. Personal recollections do honor to the people of those relationships, honor the legacy connections of community. I remember your dad utilizing Tires Plus, and so many other local favorites for needs and enjoyments. He, your mom, we, too, grew up in our hometowns, as your Cheraw, learning and carrying on the values and appreciation for our neighbors and community. It's never long ago, the Yesterdays, the lives we know, those who always will be with us. They and gratefulness are forever. Onward with those blessings of history, of with us now. Continue the good works you are doing everyday. Thankful for you, Sean, for everyone of family and community, for your thoughtful writing.