Small Engine Sales & Service, 2939 Highway 9: 2018

Small Engine Sales & Service was, simply put, a business in Cheraw that would fix your lawnmower if it broke down. They likely also worked on weed eaters, edgers, and other lawn equipment that was powered by a gas motor. Although I never did business with them, as they were closed before I returned to Cheraw in 2018 (hence the closing date), I am thinking that my parents took their lawnmower to Small Engine Sales & Service at one point, and I don't remember them complaining about the repair work.

From what I can tell on the outside, the building appears to be in good condition. I can see a similar business moving into this building after it gets sold. The building also stands out well enough on the highway to attract the attention of anyone driving by who may currently be needing someone to fix that lawnmower that has broken down for the umpteenth time. Then again, maybe it is time that person just buys a new lawnmower.