Roy Powers Jewelry / Merle Norman Cosmetic Studios, 147 Market Street: 2019 (relocated)

I'm pretty sure it was some time in 2019 that I noticed a Merle Norman Cosmetics store set up shop at 889 Chesterfield Highway, the former location of Palmetto Pawn and Gun, across from Windsor Drive in Cheraw. Until recently, when I was walking down Market Street taking pictures, I was not aware that the store had previously been at 147 Market Street. The reasons for moving across town likely are similar to why Wannamaker Drug moved from downtown. I can only speculate those reasons to be that:

Though the business has a social media page, it also has its own website for appointments.

UPDATE 12/11/22: While trying to find information about a store next to this one, I discovered that 147 Market Street was previously the location of Roy Powers Jewelry. A closing date for Roy Powers Jewelry has yet to be determined.