Valu-Rite Pharmacy / Mary's Restaurant, 134 Market Street: March 27, 2021

Earlier this year, Mary's Restaurant, a long-time local favorite, closed its doors for the last time. In recent years, the ownership had been passed down from the original owner, "Mary", to her daughter; however, it seems that the daughter decided to retire. Mary's Restaurant was only open during breakfast and lunch hours, which might be why I never got around to eating there; if my family goes out to eat, it's usually in the evening. Whenever I was in downtown Cheraw in the morning, I could tell that Mary's Restaurant was always busy. If you are interested in more details, The Link (paywalled, page 11) has a good write-up from April.

Last I had heard, Monica's Italian Ice was possibly going to be moving into this building, which does appear to have been kept in good shape over the years. Either way, the building would definitely be a nice location for some sort of eating place.

Apparently, this building was the location of a Valu-Rite Pharmacy prior to Mary's Restaurant moving in back in the 1980s, although I can't say for sure because I have no memory of the pharmacy being here. I guess Mary never felt like taking the Valu-Rite sign off from above the back door. I wonder if the colored border on the back door is also from when the building was a Valu-Rite Pharmacy. The color scheme looks like it is from the 1970s.