Fatz Cafe, 714 US Highway 74 Business E., Rockingham: after March 2020

Here is another Fatz location that has closed, seemingly only a few months after the Fatz in Cheraw closed. I can't remember when I first noticed this location had gone out of business. I do know that this Fatz was still open in March of 2020 because that was the last time its social media page had a new post.

If you look at reviews online (and given my personal experience when visiting the Fatz in Cheraw several times), I would say that the locations in Cheraw and Rockingham closed due to losing business after the quality of the food and service degraded. When driving to the beach over the last couple of years of being back in Cheraw, I noticed that the Fatz in Conway had also gone out of business, but that closing may have been caused by flooding from Hurricane Florence. The Fatz locations in Florence and Camden remain open; maybe the food and service are better there.