Carter Jewelers (relocated), Chesterfield Commons: 2010

I am going to say that Carter Jewelers moved from Chesterfield Commons to the new Walmart shopping center in 2010, the same time that I am thinking that Shoe Show moved. At Chesterfield Commons, Carter Jewelers occupied the unit that was catty-cornered to Hong Kong Kitchen. Never having been someone who has worn anymore jewelry than a wedding band and a watch (rarely these days when I can get the time off my cell phone), except for the short period as an adolescent when I wore a cross necklace, and since my wife doesn't wear much jewelry either, I can probably count on one hand the number of times I have visited a jewelry store. In fact, I recall going into the old Carter Jewelers location once or twice in the early 2000s to have my watch battery replaced. They did a good enough job with that, and I'm sure had I not left Cheraw at the time, they would have continued getting my (minor) business. I do have a college ring that needs to be resized so perhaps I'll give them another visit in the near future.