Sub Station II, 1040 Chesterfield Highway: March 2020

The Sub Station II deli inside the Walmart Supercenter in Cheraw appears to have closed back in March. Obviously, the above pictures are not from that location but are from the previous Sub Station II location at Chesterfield Commons, which opened back in the early 1990s. I didn't take pictures of the current location because you can easily see that location when you walk inside the grocery entrance of Walmart.

Sub Station II relocated from Chesterfield Commons to the Walmart Supercenter back when the latter opened. There had been rumors for a while that Sub Station II was going out of business, and I have also heard that a Dominos may set up shop in this space at Walmart. That would be great because there is really only one pizza place in town: Pizza Hut. Also, I had gotten used to Dominos when I lived in Texas. If you want deli sandwiches in Cheraw, you can go to Jesse's Subs, Subway, and Simple Eats, which is the successor to Groucho's Deli.