McBrides Quality Cleaners, 63 Second Street: 2010

The demand for a dry cleaning service must be significantly less than it was years ago. The only clothes I can think of that would require dry cleaning now would be suits and fancier dresses (e.g. a wedding dress, not necessarily a church dress), and since most people don't wear suits and fancier dresses that much these days, that means there is less of a need to visit the local dry cleaners. I suppose the fact that there are two dry cleaning businesses in Cheraw, Professional Cleaners-Laundry and Pee Dee Cleaners, is evidence that there is at least enough demand such that two dry cleaners in Cheraw can exist and make a profit. I have one gray suit that I wear for job interviews, which fortunately, I have not had to wear in several years. The last time I had it dry cleaned was five years ago after a funeral, mainly because I had gotten sick. In fact, it was Professional Cleaners-Laundry that dry cleaned my suit.

At that time, I had noticed that McBride's Quality Cleaners was out of business. I remember my mom taking certain clothes of hers and my dad's there to be dry cleaned over the years. The most recent reference of McBride's Quality Cleaners appears to be this posting in The Link (paywalled, page 10A) so it would seem that they closed for good some time in 2010. The building still appears to be in good shape so I could see another business moving in; however, the phone box out front is definitely out of commission.