Kimbrell's, 159 Market Street: September 30, 2019

The Kimbrell's furniture store in Cheraw, which had been in business for a little over half of a century, was closed by the end of September. That leaves two furniture stores left in town: Jones Furniture Mart and Badcock. Though I am not sure whether Kimbrell's was older than Jones or vice versa, I know that both were already in business by the time Badcock set up shop in Cheraw (initially at the old Big Lots, which is now a Fitness World gym) so that leaves Jones as the oldest furniture store. I am not sure how three furniture stores had managed to survive for so long in the same small town, but now Kimbrell's has definitely exited the picture.

I had only been into Kimbrell's once and that was earlier this year. I don't recall seeing any amazing deals on furniture, at least, not on anything my wife and I wanted. As you can see in one or two of the pictures, the ceiling needs some work, and we had noticed that while in the store. If the store was losing money, it's no surprise that the chain wouldn't pay for repairs or updates.

If you really like the furniture that Kimbrell's offers, fret not because they still have stores in Laurinburg and Florence; otherwise, you still have Jones and Badcock in town. Of course, Palmetto Furniture is just down the road in Society Hill.