Groucho's Deli, 171 Second Street: November 2019

A couple of nights ago, my wife and I ate at The River's Edge. Upon leaving, I happened to look across the street and see that all of the signs had been removed from Groucho's Deli. Clearly, it was closed down, and a quick search on Google confirms that fact. Given that the last Google review of this Groucho's Deli was several weeks ago, it seems that this deli was closed by the end of November.

After returning to Cheraw, I was excited to see that we had a Groucho's Deli, as I had previously eaten a couple of times at the one in Columbia. I have always thought that Groucho's sandwich and dip combination is a neat (and tasty) idea. Because Groucho's sandwiches are more expensive than what you would get at, say, a Subway, I was surprised that there was one in Cheraw; that is also the reason why I am not completely surprised that this Groucho's could not stay in business here. The last time I had eaten at this Groucho's Deli was with my wife and daughter back in the summer after some event. Back in February, my wife and I ate here on Valentine's Day. The original plan was to eat at The River's Edge until we got to the door and saw a B sanitation rating; of course, they quickly cleaned up and have maintained an A rating since. Anyway, the sandwiches were great every time I ate here.

Contrary to what I think most people believe (including me at one point), the chain is not named after Groucho Marx. That being said, it was especially confusing to see a piece of mail sticking out of this building's mailbox this afternoon addressed to "HARPO DELI LLC". Has the franchisee decided to go rogue and open a similar deli here named after Harpo? Honk, honk!

UPDATE 1/19/2020: No, it's not Harpo's, but there is a follow-on operation: Simple EATS. In fact, the grand opening is TOMORROW so go check them out!