Cheraw Pawn Gun & Jewelry / Chesterfield General Hospital Therapy Services, 922 Chesterfield Highway: May 2014

While taking pictures for my Family Dollar post, I noticed that this store was vacant. If I remember correctly, this was the location of Cheraw Pawn Gun & Jewelry up to about 20 years ago. It is difficult to tell now because this shopping center has been renovated at least once. In fact, at the time, I seem to recall the storefronts on this end of the shopping center being slightly elevated with a small ramp leading up to this higher level. I remember the ramp in particular because I would often ride my bike around this shopping center when I was a kid. There was a thin layer of green carpet on this level that already seemed outdated by the 1990s. You know, it's the kind of green carpet that looks like it belongs on a putt-putt course.

Cheraw Pawn Gun & Jewelry would have been on this level and adjacent to Jones Furniture Mart, which has also since relocated. One time, a friend of mine and I walked into the pawn store, though neither one of us had any business as kids being in there. I was an adult before I understood what pawning and bail bonds were, and fortunately, that's not from personal experience. I wonder if anyone has watched Pawn Stars on TV, wandered into a local pawn store, and gone, "Darn. I was really hoping I'd find that elusive first edition of Moby Dick."

Pretty soon after BI-LO moved down the road, Cheraw Pawn Gun & Jewelry moved to its own free-standing store building across the highway at 889 Chesterfield Highway. Within the last ten years, Cheraw Pawn Gun & Jewelry has gone out of business. Currently, its last location is the site of a Merle Norman. It seems that the older location of the pawn store became the site of Chesterfield General Hospital Therapy Services, which appears to have been the last occupant. That would make sense as to why there is a receptionist window in this store. That URL link shows a date of May of 2014, and since I could not find anymore information on Chesterfield General Hospital Therapy Services or any other business being at this address, a closing date of May of 2014 is just as good as any other date I can come up with.