B.C. Moore's / Peebles / Goody's, 140 Market Street: September 2018

While I was downtown taking pictures of the buildings that will be demolished for the new hotel, I decided to take pictures of the building that was last a Goody's department store. Goody's moved into this location in May of 2011. In fact, there was a ribbon-cutting ceremony (page 4B, paywalled) for the Goody's grand opening.

In my online searches, I have been unable to track down a definitive closing date for this Goody's. There are reviews online that go back to "one year ago", and I remember the store being out of business by the time I moved back to Cheraw near the end of 2018; therefore, this store was still in business at some point earlier in 2018. I have placed the closing date as September of 2018 because I know that downtown was impacted by significant flooding from Hurricane Florence, and it is likely that this store was damaged as a result, especially due to the fact that the floor of the store is below street-level. That may also explain the musty smell I noticed while I was standing at the doors to take the pictures of the inside of the store. If Goody's was still in business during the flooding, then I can easily see their parent company finding it cheaper to pull out of Cheraw rather than fix the damage and replace lost merchandise.

Though I had never been to this Goody's, I remember going to one in either Florence or Rockingham as a kid because my mom liked to go there. I don't remember it being any different from a Belk or J.C. Penney store. They were all similarly places I did not want to be as a kid because clothes shopping was boring...and it still is boring. That said, I don't imagine that Peebles was any different either, which was at this location before Goody's.

Peebles set up shop in Cheraw in 2006 when its parent company, Stage Stores, bought out B. C. Moore and Sons as seen here. I do remember going to Moore's as a kid with my mom, and I specifically remember getting or at least trying on shoes at Moore's on several occasions. We typically used the back entrance by the old Duvall's Hardware store, which is currently the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, I guess because there were more parking spots. In fact, we used that entrance enough times that when I would come in the front entrance, I would initially feel slightly disoriented. I think the last time I walked into Moore's was to find a suit for prom. Don't ask me how many years ago that has been.